Custom Hypnosis Recordings

Would you like to make changes in your life? Is there something that you’d like to improve in your life? If so hypnosis is a very powerful tool in your quest to be a better you and live a better life.

I’ve been selling and recording hypnosis mp3s for over 20 years. My recordings are very effective in making the changes in your life that you want to happen.

I have hundreds of satisfied customers who have improved their lives by using my mp3s.

Weight loss, Confidence, personal goals….

What are you waiting for ?

For free hypnosis ideas and techniques just put the word “free hypnosis” in the comment section below and a password and link will be sent to your email address. Woman Only!


You have a strong interest in hypnosis. That is likely the reason you’ve found this website. You have been searching for a place where you can either give up total control and allow someone else to control your mind for a while or perhaps you want to learn hypnosis and take control of someone else’s mind for a while.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

Hypnotic-Allure.Com was created for anyone with an interest in hypnosis to come and explore their hypnotic passions.

You can come here and chat with other people or you can read the articles and learn how hypnosis works.

I will even write stories about my experience and adventures with hypnosis and trances!

With practice anyone can learn to be hypnotized or even learn to hypnotize others.

A trance can be a wonderful experience of relaxation and letting go.

If you want I’ll even let you practice hypnosis on me or if your a willing subject I could practice my hypnosis skills on you.

It can be done in person, over the phone or even over webcam if you live far away.

I’m open for just about anything!

You know you want to give it a try.

So what are you waiting for?

Contact me now for more information.


Prepare To Be Mesmerized!