Custom Hypnosis Recordings

Would you like to hypnotize someone? Do you like the idea of putting someone into a deep hypnotic trance and having control of their actions and thoughts?

You’ve come to the right place!

Most of my hypnosis files are for erotic hypnosis but the techniques can be used for any hypnosis purposes.

This site is only for woman.

If you are a woman and want free access to erotic hypnosis files and scripts contact me with the form below or contact me via email at and I’ll email you a link and password to some of my hot erotic hypnosis sessions where you can learn to be a superb hypnotist with very powerful techniques.

No man will be able to resist you after you put them deep into trance!

Start learning to hypnotize someone today!


You have a strong interest in hypnosis. That is likely the reason you’ve found this website. You have been searching for a place where you can either give up total control and allow someone else to control your mind for a while or perhaps you want to learn hypnosis and take control of someone else’s mind for a while.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place!


With practice anyone can learn to be hypnotized or even learn to hypnotize others.



Prepare To Be Mesmerized!